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Meet Our Youth A Team - In Their Own Words




Chris Cosser - Youth A


From very little I loved to climb. My parents say that I climbed before I walked. When I was 11yrs old, thanks to the encouragement of the St Johns climbing coach, and now Redpoint club coach, Brett Nicolson, I started to get actual training and took part in my first competition. I have not looked back since. Climbing sucked me in! I was selected to represent SA at the New Caledonia and the Arco World youth climbing competitions. These were the most amazing experiences! The people I met have changed my life. My favorite climbing spot is Waterval Boven. Unfortunately my school, KES, does not offer sport climbing. So my school sport is hockey and as a family we enjoy mountain biking. Something that I really love about climbing is the amazing support and encouragement that we get from our team mates and other climbers. We are like a family. Everyone enjoys in each other’s success.


Some of my favorite sayings are:

  • Determination- Those who truly dare, truly live.
  • If your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough
  • Making a living isn’t the same as making a life.
  • Pain is weakness leaving the body!

Recent climbing achievements:


  • Freak on (24) (on-sight)
  • Gandalf (24) (on-sight)
  • Women ain’t nothing but trouble (24) (on-sight)
  • Club Tropicana coconuts (24) (on-sight)
  • 2nd at the lead nationals
  • Placed 61st IFSC World Youth Championship



  • Future Life (32)
  • Raptophilia (31)
  • Snapdragon (29)
  • Monster (29)
  • Tomahawk (29)
  • Lotters desire (27) (2nd attempt)
  • Grim Slade (27)
  • Vandals (26)
  • Silence of the lands (25) (Flash)
  • Don’t Deck Extension (27)



  • 1st place in u17 boys at National Lead Competition


Just some stuff:


  • My favorite cartoon as a kid was “JJ the jet plane”, but favorite movies are the ‘star wars’ collection.
  • My training schedule is quite weird; I train at City Rock 2 times a week and hopefully go outdoors on the weekend. I never stop I am always busy, it could be mental training or physical like slacklining. I am always looking for inspiration and psyche, in class, at the gym, at home; I am always looking for that motivation.
  • In my off time I slackline, mountain bike and watch climbing movies. I do try and focus on my schooling and for the most part I am successful.
  • My proudest moment is when I got my family into climbing!!!!  
  • Being so far from home does not really affect me; I am always out climbing in some of the craziest places and always having a jol.
  • My advice is to never stop climbing and always have fun. Fun is the key to success. Competition climbing is great but you must remember to compete against yourself and the wall in front of you, not the other people in your age group. This will keep competition climbing fun even in the stressful situations.

My favorite food is Sushi with a side of psyche!





Josh Munstermann - Youth A


I started climbing in 2011, I got in to the comp scene because my school automatically signs all the climbers up for the comps, the sports icons that have influenced me the most are Michael Van Der Ham (My coach) and Gerald Camp(My Geography Teacher and Climbing Mentor), my favorite cartoon character defiantly has to be Donald Duck.

Winning top male climber of the year in KZN and Winning top male Boulderer of the year in KZN, my training schedule is lots of bouldering with a weight vest on and climbing as static as possible with very slow and precise movements,I train 3 times a week at my local gym, I mainly boulder at Southern Rock Climbing Center due to KZN's lack of outdoor bouldering, on my off time from climbing I spend time with friends and study, my advice is to train hard and keep focused to succeed, and my favorite food is sushi.




Nick Meinel (aka "Neil"




I started climbing in November 2012. This was on rock. I joined Jackie Stainton and the Alphas climbing team in January 2013 and competed in the boulder league that year that was run at wonderwall. I got onto the comp scene through the Alphas but also wanted to compete because it is the only way to measure your progress against your peers.

My favourite cartoon growing up was the Kids Next Door.

My accomplishments include:

-          being selected to be part of the Gauteng lead team every year since 2013

-          Being selected to be part of the boulder team every year since 2014

-          2015

  1. oGetting bronze in U17 boulder at nationals
  2. oGetting gold in U17 Lead nationals
  3. oRepresenting SA at the YWCH in Arco
  4. oBeing invited to annual Rockmaster competition


-          2016

  1. oGetting silver in U17 boulder at nationals
  2. oGetting bronze in U17 Lead nationals
  3. oRepresenting SA at the YWCH in China
  4. oBeing invited to annual Rockmaster competition

My training schedule involves training for 2 hours a day, except for Fridays.

At the moment my training involves both training for boulder and lead as I will be competing in both in China.

My proudest moment was being selected last year to be part of the SA team.

On my off time I like to play on my Xbox or go out to movies with my friends.

I deal with being away from home by being around my friends and focussing on the new experience and new culture.

My advice to any new climbers would be to train hard and focus on reaching small goals one at a time.

My favourite food is anything italian.

Favourite quote – “The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.”


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