SANCF Youth Team 2016

Meet Our 2016 Youth B Team - In Their Own Words


Our Junior Proteas leave for China to compete in the IFSC Youth World Championships this week and we thought you would like to get to know them a little better............




David Naude - Youth B


I started seriously climbing in 2013 when I went to a small competition hosted at the mountain club bouldering wall, Delaney spotted my and asked if I'd like to compete in this year's Lead Nationals in Jo'burg, as one can imagine I was dumbstruck and hesitatingly said, " yeah that could be cool" and off I went, that competition I managed to take second place to Chris and was super stoked on the achievement. I think that the sports icon that has influenced me the most in the sport has got to be Fred Nicole, for his shear humbleness and chilled attitude that he brings to the sport which I think a lot of climbers are missing and that they take everything too seriously.

Some of my greatest accomplishments have always been on the rock instead of in the gym or competitions, I remember the feeling of topping out "Witness The Sickness" - 8a last year October and the feeling of all the hard work and time taken on that Rocklands trip come together for me to send this five star problem. Other accomplishments are sending Mintberry Crunch, Marlboro Man, No Late Benders and Midnight Barber. All coming in a 8a. And obviously being selected for the National Team twice is also something i'm really proud of. 
My training schedule is relatively chilled and I believe that over training won't help your climbing at all, but just make you too muscly and heavy to be able to pull on small holds. I usually train once a week and one, hour session with Matt Bush where we usually go to the UCT gym, do a bit of yoga and then power endurance. Other then that I climb twice a week in the gym and Once to twice a week on rock, either bouldering or trad climbing. 
I much prefer bouldering as I enjoy the athletic aspect of it, I find sport climbing can get boring and is just how much pump pain you can handle, whereas bouldering is about technique and strength. 
In my off time I enjoy Slacklining, surfing, playing the guitar, hiking for new boulders, and of course vegging in front of the TV.
My advice for any kid who climbs or wants to climb competitively is that you should only do what keeps you psyched and makes you want to climb, if that's doing big multipitch routes in Blouberg or cranking 8c boulders in the comp scene, Competition is a very different style and might not suit everyone, but if that's what keeps you psyched then go for it. Don't worry about the crowd or the pressure and try take it lightly if things don;t go your way. treat it as another training day and don't get caught up in the pressure of it all.
I find climbing far away from home enhances the experience and makes it feel like more of an adventure, whether your 200km away in Rocklands or 20000km away in China, its all about the adventure of climbing and I think that's partly what draws me to it. 
My favorite food is sushi and I always eat it before I need to crank the following day, It works like a charm! And my favorite quote is. "You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough" - Mae West 
Abigail Strange - Youth B
I started climbing in 2013. My brother did the competitions before me so I wanted to also do them and my coach, Paul Bruyere, said that I should try the competitions. Shauna Coxsey and Ashima Shiraishi. Power puff girls. I made it in the SA team. I train on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 3 hours and go out on rock on weekends if I can. No every second day. I like both of them equally. Hiking and socializing with friends. Making the SA team. I just get in the zone and focus on the climbing and enjoy the new experiences. I think they should stay motivated and get a good training programme. Homemade spaghetti bolognaise. I don't need easy I just need possible.


Alistair Stubbs - Youth B


I was introduced to climbing in 2008 and started competition climbing in 2011. I was trained by Jackie Stainton from2014 - 2015 and am now currently training with James Barnes.




Camilla Cibulka - Youth B


I started climbing in 2013 when I was 12 and a half years old. My coach, Paul Bruyere, suggested I do some competitions and I have just carried on and that's how I started competing. I enjoy both lead and bouldering. I climb 3 times a week. Camilla will be competing in both Youth B Lead and Boulder.




Alyssa Meyer - Youth B


I started climbing just before my 12th birthday. I started climbing once a week for most of that year.
I started in April. I went to watch lead nationals 2014 in Cape Town and I thought it looked fun.
There was a positive vibe so I thought It would be fun and I was right. So I started competing the
next year which was 2015. Ashima, Brooke and Alex Honnald influenced me the most because
both the girls were only 1 year older than me, they have climbed such hard routes. They influenced
and taught me even though we are small we can accomplish anything. Alex just did very insane
climbs which I thought were awesome so I decided to try hard to accomplish insanely hard but fun
outdoor climbs.
My favourite cartoon was Barbie or Kim Possible. I had so many barbies and a house for them and
all the magazines and most of the movies. I thought she was a good cartoon role model. My
training schedule is:
Monday: 1.5 hours bouldering/ projecting hard problems.
Tuesday: bouldering or lead/ endurance and power endurance, then projecting (2hrs)
Thursday : bouldering or lead depending on what I did on Tuesday/ endurance then projecting
Saturday: bouldering/ focusing on compression, body tension, Dyno training and finger strength
All of the session have a warm up (15min +-)at the beginning and conditioning/ stretching at the
end. (30min+-)
No I don't practice everyday.
If I had to pick one I prefer bouldering but I also enjoy leading. It varies between which one I like
depending on how good the routes are.
In my off time I like to dance(on soft my pointe shoes), sing and chill with my friends. When I'm with
my friends I go outside and we either gossip or do some sort of activity like tennis or soccer. Or we
play wii sports resort or we just gossip and catch up. I also like to talk with my friends I don't see
often on FaceTime.
My proudest moment is probably when I accomplish something I have been aiming for, for a long
time. For example getting diplomas in ballet exams/drama exams,and honors in ballet eisteddfods.
When I do well in nationals. I like traveling so I adapt quickly to a new place as long as I have
friends or family around I adapt well and quickly.
My advice to kids who want to climb competitively is to work hard in training but still enjoy the
sport and during the competition you can only do your best so don't knock yourself down if you
have done as well as you expected to. Also don't be scared to try a climb out of your comfort zone.
My favourite food is watermelon or pizza. I think the quote is "shoot for the moon, even if you miss
you will land among the stars which is just as beautiful." It inspired me to try things out of the
ordinary because I have the reassurance that I will be ok in the end even if I get bumps and
bruises on the way.
I slammed my thumb in my dads car a week before I started climbing, I climbed with a blue
fingernail with the blue spreading around my nail. Eventually It came off and I grew a new nail. I
have been doing ballet since I was 3 and I got pointe shoes this year. I'm grade5 in ballet. I sing in
the choir and I used to play piano.




Hannah Sealy-Fisher - Youth B


I started climbing 4 years ago. My sister who already climbs took me to a comp to see what it was like. I entered the competition and it was also my first attempt at climbing. 
My sports icon is Alex Puccio. 
As a kid, I was in love with the cartoon Kim Possible.   
I've received 2 silver medals at national level, in Boulder and Lead. 
I train with Jackie Stainton several times a week and enjoy climbing/ bouldering on Fridays and weekends and every other day besides Monday's. I much prefer bouldering. 
I enjoy filming and editing movies in my off time. 
Making the 2016 South African team was one of my proudest moments.  
Honestly, anywhere where I'm climbing does feel like home so I love traveling especially for climbing. 
I would tell younger competitive climbers that they should have a set dream and work hard for it because it's worth it.  
My favorite food is sushi.  
My favorite quote is "fall off 3 times, get on 4".